Pre-Season: Steve Almond’s ‘Against Football’


For the NFL pre-season, Football Book Club will be reading Against Football: One Fan’s Reluctant Manifesto by Steve Almond.

Almond — a Raiders fan, journalist, and author of My Life in Heavy Metal, Candyfreak, and God Bless America — summarized his manifesto in a 2014 interview with Electric Literature, saying:

“The point of Against Football is not just that the game fosters a tolerance for greed and violence and misogyny and militarism. The real intention is to investigate why fans like me, who know all this, still become obsessed, why we give so much of our head and hearts to this corrupt game.”

For more on Against Football, check out these pieces from The New York Times, NPR, and The Millions.

Adam nominated this book for Football Book Club because: “I’m not sure there’s another book that would be as perfect a kickoff to this project as Against Football. Also, who doesn’t enjoy a good manifesto?”

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