Book 10: Carmen Gimenez Smith’s ‘Milk and Filth’


This week, Football Book Club is reading Carmen Giménez Smith’s Milk and Filth — and posting about Elizabeth Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction and Speak by Louisa Hall.

Milk and Filth is Giménez Smith’s fourth book of poetry — she has also written a memoir and several chapbooks and edited a fiction anthology — and was praised by The Nation as “A sharp, feminist manifesto by way of poetry collection.”

Rob nominated this title for Football Book Club because “I was happy to publish Carmen Gimenez Smith’s poems in my literary magazine a long time ago. Now I’m equally happy to read her newest book, which Publishers Weekly describes as ‘like showing up to the raucous and deviant afterparty of Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party. Quite the different experience from Sunday on the couch, clicking through TV-broadcast views.”

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