Book 11: Ray Russell’s ‘The Case Against Satan’


This week, Football Book Club is reading Ray Russell’s The Case Against Satan — and posting about Carmen Giménez Smith’s Milk and Filth and Elizabeth Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction.

Russell was an associate editor and executive editor at Playboy — back when the magazine published fiction by the likes of Kurt Vonnegut — and The Case Against Satan was hailed as “perhaps the finest example of the modern Gothic ever written” by Stephen King.

Ryan nominated this title for Football Book Club “because of the AWESOME COVER. And because it’s an exorcism novel and we don’t have enough of those in this world. An exorcism novel written by an editor of Playboy, which is a joke today but was HOT SHIT back when this book was written. So how could I possibly say no? And because I hate Satan and want to hear what the case is against him.”

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