Book 2: ‘Zero K’ by Don DeLillo


For the next two weeks, Football Book Club will be reading Zero K by Don DeLillo — and posting about M.R. Carey’s The Girl With all the Gifts.

Chandler — who will doubtlessly have a lot to say about RGIII’s latest injury and how it will impact her beloved Browns — nominated Zero K for Football Book Club because “she loves Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis but associates cryogenic freezing with Futurama and that terrible Mel Gibson movie Forever Young. What, she wondered, would this author’s sad, chilly take on a cheeseball sci-fi subgenre look like?”

2 Comments on “Book 2: ‘Zero K’ by Don DeLillo”

  1. I just wanted to thank you all for creating this blog…I wish I had found it earlier (i.e., last year). I tried to wean myself from the NFL in 2015 after frustrations over the league’s financial misdeeds, issues surrounding concussions, and reading Steve Almond’s “Against Football”; but somehow I managed instead to watch more games than I had in years. However, after Stan Kroenke and the NFL decided to move my beloved mediocre team back to LA in the shadiest of manners, I decided to try weaning again this season. I was starting to get the shakes on Sunday morning around the time pregame starts, and then I found your site. So instead of watching football, I spent the day reading a pretty decent zombie novel. Crisis averted…and I went on to skip football for an entire week for the first time in almost 20 years! Thank you for that! I’m looking forward to reading a DeLillo work this weekend—I haven’t read one of his novels in years.

    Cheers from STL,


  2. Thanks for following us, Jason – Glad you’re diving into the book list too. And condolences on the Rams (coming from a 9ers fan). Definitely give us your thoughts on what you think of Zero K.


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