Join the Club

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.24.19 PMIf you love books and are:

(a) ready to call it quits with the NFL;
(b) wondering if you and the NFL should just be friends;
(c) thinking you and the NFL might need a break;
(d) considering an open relationship with the NFL; or
(e) just looking for the occasional booty call with the NFL because that’s all you’re emotionally capable of handling right now;

Football Book Club Wants You!

Just check out our Schedule, pick up a copy of the current book, and start reading.

Every week or so, FBC will post their thoughts on the latest title — as well as some reflections about life without the NFL. And, like any book club, we want to hear from everyone  — so give us your take on the books and thoughts on all things football in the comments section.

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