Marcel Proust, Jay Cutler, and Mike Glennon Walk Into a Bar

As we enter Week 5 of the NFL Season, the Bears are 1-3, Mike Glennon has thrown more than twice as many interceptions in Chicago than Jay Cutler has in sunny Miami, and I’ve really only started reading Proust. But before we get to that, I’d just like to note: (1) this story about how […]

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Football Book Club Returns: #NoKaepernickNoNFL

Football Book Club is back for the 2017-2018 NFL Season, and if you’re looking for a good reason not to watch pro football—aside from the whole concussions/brain damage/ruined lives/early death thing—then we’ve got two words for you: Colin Kaepernick. For those of you not in the know, the Colin Kaepernick Saga basically boils down to this: […]

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