Jumping the Rails: On ‘Slade House’ and Not on ‘The Sixth Extinction’

By Ryan Joe I decided to make like Colin Kaepernick’s career and jump the rails. Instead of reading this week Elizabeth Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction — which I’ve every intention of reading — I picked up David Mitchell’s Slade House. I grabbed Mitchell’s haunted house/Hansel and Gretel fairy tale at the behest of our friend Chandler, […]

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Shit Needs to Go Down: On AI, Speech Technology, and ‘Speak’

By Ryan Joe 1. When your team sucks, there inevitably comes a point when you treat the season as a curiosity, like a mutated animal floating in a jar of formaldehyde. How did this happen to you? (Owner abuse.) Was there any chance that you would have lived? (No.) What does the future hold for […]

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