Malignant Mutations: On Family, Jay Cutler, and ‘Winesburg, Ohio’

By Adam Boretz 1. It has recently come to my attention that the once charming eccentricities of my more distant family members have devolved into full blown pathologies. The wild uncle once known for his cutting wit and free spirit has grown shiftless, unreliable, and selfish. The morbid aunt has become clinically depressed and briefly […]

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Needs More Tentacles: On ‘Winesburg, Ohio,’ Unique Millennial Snowflakes, and Michael Crabtree

By Ryan Henry Joe 1. I took a course called “The Writer as Teacher” while enrolled in Columbia University’s writing program. (Though at the time, I missed its underlying message: Thanks for the $50,000 tuition, here’s your job prospect.) I thought about that class as I read Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio — a book that […]

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