The Language of Packers Love: On Fandom and ‘Going Clear’

By Rob Casper Adam, I think you make a good point in your post about those who commit heinous acts in the name of their religion. Which reminds me of the surprise I felt reading the epilogue of Going Clear. First there was Lawrence Wright’s takedown of Joseph Smith for The Book of Abraham, followed […]

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Sneaked Peaks and Groaner Prose: On the Pack and ‘Winesburg, Ohio’

By Rob Casper Ryan, when I read your post I wondered: were you able to avoid watching football? I have to say I found it damned difficult to avoid it entirely. This week I started to feel like watching football was immoral, was like watching a beheading — and I felt ashamed when I’d sneak peaks. […]

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No Way to Escape Family Night: On ‘Against Football’ and the Green Bay Packers

By Rob Casper Adam, Dan, and Ryan — reading your posts makes me realize, first and foremost, that I am not much of a Packers fan. Or rather, I don’t have much of a problem watching the team I grew up worshipping…unless they start to win. The losses are easy, but when the wins start […]

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