Therapy of the Masses: On Scientology, the National Football League, and ‘Going Clear’

By Ryan Henry Joe 1. Last weekend was fascinating for college football in Arizona. On Saturday, my alma mater UCLA, lead by a true freshman quarterback named Josh Rosen, completely annihilated the University of Arizona, 56-30. [EDIT: Annnnd UCLA just lost in an upset against Arizona State. FML.] The next day however, my other college […]

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Needs More Tentacles: On ‘Winesburg, Ohio,’ Unique Millennial Snowflakes, and Michael Crabtree

By Ryan Henry Joe 1. I took a course called “The Writer as Teacher” while enrolled in Columbia University’s writing program. (Though at the time, I missed its underlying message: Thanks for the $50,000 tuition, here’s your job prospect.) I thought about that class as I read Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio — a book that […]

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I Fought the NFL and the NFL Won: On ‘Against Football,’ Illegal Streams, and San Francisco’s Fallen Camelot

By Ryan Henry Joe Three years ago, with then-San Francisco 49ers kicker David Akers landing the ball everywhere but between the uprights, I’d scurry into my bedroom and hide under a blanket whenever he trotted onto the gridiron for a high-stakes field goal attempt. An outburst of cheering — provided it was a home game […]

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